Costs & Pricing

Solar panel prices have come down considerably over past few decades…and really in todays world what has come down in price?!…combine this fact with the steadily increasing hydro costs …SOLAR JUST MAKES SENSE…both financially & environmentally speaking.

Reports show that the average cost of solar cells has gone from $76.67/watt in 1977 to just $0.49/watt on July 15, 2016, and the average price of a solar cell at $0.26/watt. That shows solar is well over 130 times cheaper within 38 years!

GabEnergy is a not-for-profit society and we sell all equipment at cost price; the same Grade A pricing we get from our supplier plus an administration fee of (no more) than 12.5% (cash/check or wire transfer only). Solar panel costs can fluctuate so contact us for the current pricing AND also we are privy to “act-fast” limited time incredible deals from our supplier so we are sure to pass those on to our customers.

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To “ballpark” your system cost we suggest you budget on about $3 a watt installed “all-in” to gain a good sense on your projects cost. Currently we are finding complete installed systems will range from $2.25 for a DIY project to the $2.95-$3.25 a watt area for a complete professionally installed systems.

Pricing & Equipment Example – 10kW roof mount complete PV & hardware system

with online monitoring and all necessary mounting hardware (portrait layout of 2 rows of 12 + 1 row of 11) :

  • 35 x 285 watt PV modules
  • 35 x Micro-Inverters
  • 35 x 208/240 Drop Cables
  • 1 x Envoy Online Metering System
  • 3 x Branch Terminators
  • 24 x 10ft. Rails
  • 23 x Splice Bars/Side Mount
  • 72 x Tee Feet
  • 72 x Flashing (for Tee Feet)
  • 72 x Fast Bore Screws & Gaskets
  • 64 x Cliclok Mid Clips
  • 12 x Cliclok End Clips
Equipment Cost with our Standard Pricing = $18,750
  • This pricing does not include shipping, GST, installation and administration/sales associate fee (of no more than) 12.5%.
  • We estimate that shipping will be in the $550 range and this could be lower with multiple combined orders.
The ALL-IN landed price (equipment, taxes, GabEnergy admin/sales fees & with shipping estimate to Central Vancouver Island area) on this example 10kW system is $23,300

Note: further discounts and savings may very well be realized

  • Customized sizes can be quoted and ground mount options exist too.
  • We can provide advice for DIY installation and provide recommendations of contractors.

10kW System Production & Annual Energy Savings

  • Using general sun radiation statistics/data for the Central Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland area
  • Figures are assuming good unobstructed southern exposure (minimal shading) and a 30º pitched roof
  • You can expect to produce 11,321 kWh per year 
  • The average household in BC Hydro’s service area uses about 11,000 kWh per year – resulting in an annual net zero energy bill
  • Then take into consideration that Hydro increases by about 4% a year you can start to realize how your long term savings are exponential







AC Energy



Energy $Value  

(@ .10 $kWh)


February 2.42 560 $56
March 3.36 855 $86
April 5.27 1,273 $127
May 5.90 1,456 $146
June 5.89 1,385 $138
July 6.68 1,584 $158
August 5.89 1,413 $141
September 4.94 1,171 $117
October 2.52 634 $63
November 1.48 370 $37
December 1.13 294 $29
Annual 3.89 11,321 $ 1,131

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GabEnergy is a registered non-profit organization. We are selling equipment at the current cost and consequently the final cost may be slightly higher or lower. Full payment on orders is required at the time of signing an Agreement with GabEnergy.